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(This page when complete will be a single and concise outline of the entire argument - as yet it is under construction - but points to the more technical elements of the discussion. )

The Scientific method.

Overview of the Scientific Method
Flowchart of the scientific method, borrowed from...


    The bulk of this site tries to explain the observations about timelessness in full and complete detail, backed up by detailed explanations of various scientific and logical principles, and written in a language most laypeople can hopefully understand. As such, for those already very familiar with science and logic it may seem verbose.

    Therefore this page is presented as a summary of the entire subject, written in concise and scientific terms, aimed at readers already familiar with the scientific method and principles. Links have been provided to the detailed explanations of key points if more detail is required.

The subject under discussion.

This discussion is about the non-existence of "Time" as a real and existing thing or phenomena in the universe.

What is being suggested in this work is that...

"Time"* does not exist - other than a useful notion or tool for comparing examples of motion, and making sense of all the motion within, and around us.

Instead it is being proposed that...

Matter existing moving changing and interacting 'now', is enough to explain without exception everything that we assume may prove the existence of 'Time' in the sense of something that 'passes' or is a 'fourth dimension' etc.

In other words it is suggest that in the universe things just exist move and change 'now', and therefore that all relativistic effects etc. also simply occur not 'over time' but wherever they are occurring , and just 'now'.

I.e the rate at which something may move or change may slow down re special or general relativity, but this rate 'just' slows down - and does not slow down because a thing a called 'time' exists, and is needed for motion to occur in, and is dilated - causing motion to dilate.

The significance and impact.

The reason what is being suggested may be significant is that if correct it disposes of the idea that the concept of  'fourth dimension' has any reality beyond useful mathematical constructs. 

if 'the fourth dimension' is shown to be a misunderstanding then theories based on the idea that 'extra dimensions' make sense in any 'real' physical  way, or including the idea of time existing as an extra dimension,  may need to be reworked.


For example, where Quantum mechanics suggests a particle may 'borrow energy from the future' to make a quantum leap, if the existence or need for a 'Temporal future' can not be proven then this would need to be re-explained. Typically in that the particle may be affected physically by 'that which is physically ahead of it some particular distance'.   (See >> Quantum leaps)

Time - the definitions.

The word "Time" is used slackly in numerous ways. This work is proposing that Time exists only as a Notion, and not in anyway at all as a real and existing feature of the universe extra to 'Motion' happening 'Now'.


    If we say Time is the word we use for "the system we have of making sense of the movement and change in the universe" then it is true that Time exists. But in this sense Time exists only in a way similar to "Money". In that it is a made up Notion and not a thing that physically exists and functions in the universe, and has observable or measurable properties.

Real and existing thing.

If we say "Time" is the word that relates to a real and existing thing, then we are talking about something that is said to have some or all of the following properties or functions...

    • A Flow
    • A Direction
    • A Past
    • A Future
    • Needed for motion to occur.*
    • Intervals.
    • Can be Dilated as speed approach C (special rel)
    • Can be dilated under gravity/acceleration (general rel)

It is Time as outlined in this definition that it is argued does not exist.

* While we say 'thing move over time' and express this in terms like Kilometres per hour, it can be seen that this is just a familar turn of phrase. All we observe is that things move, and that we can compare their motion. We do not actually observe that a thing called time passes or is needed as this happens, or that a past or future are created or needed as things move.  

(See >>∆ 2 Kilometres yes, Hours no..)


This argument is scientific. And not philosophical, spiritual or based on semantics or rhetoric*.

(* Although in discussions about Time semantics and rhetoric are at play, it can be shown that the errors arise in the arguments supporting the idea of Time, not those disproving it See >> ∆ Timeless v.Time distinctions.).

The reasoning behind the suggestion that the universe is 'Timelessness' is based on the direct observation that all we ever observe is that...

Matter can exist


Matter can move, interact, and change.

And it is reasoned that from these two observations everything, without exception, that we attribute to the existence of 'Time' can be explained.

Timelessness as described here is a chain of logical reasoning based on directly observable facts. (no experiments need to be carried out to prove what is claimed here, because all the required evidence is constantly observable around us). 

 Page under construction, suggested pages for now.

For an example of how timelessness may result in a simpler yet functioning reinterpretation of a typical 'time' problem.

See >>∆ Timeless v.Time distinctions.

For an outline of why this discussion is not a matter of semantics.

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For a reanalysis of reasoning assumed to 'prove' the existence of time but which does not actually do so. 

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