15 Comments on Academic Time Papers

Throughout the internet there are many excellent websites specifically about science, and some specifically about 'Time'.
Many of these sites post links to academic papers written specifically about 'problems with Time'.

With respect, I sincerely think my 'Timelessness' approach can reveal serious and significant problems -often in the form of incorrect initial assumptions - in virtually all of these papers. And in revealing these incorrect assumptions, timelessness enables us to reframe the questions and then also produce genuine answers to them.

This page is a list of some of these website, and of various 'time' papers that I have come across, along with my interpretation of them, and subsequent solutions to the problems each addresses.

(In each case I have where possible contacted the author(s) of the papers and invited any comments they may have).

(page under development)

The Time-Asymmetry of Causation

Huw Price and Brad Weslake


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