06 Advanced Timelessness.

Even Stephen Hawking's 'mad scientist paradox' can be disassembled 'timelessly'.

The theory that time exists suggest that time is more than just the 'passive' past, present and future, and instead that time may be a dynamic stretchable, warp-able thing, that might even be 'traveled through' or manipulated.

for my argument that there is no such thing as time to be valid i have to show how these more advanced opinions about what time may be, or what can be done with time, can all be re-explained 'timelessly'. the following pages deal with certain more advanced cases said to prove time's existence....

∆Chandra Black Hole detector

∆ Common assumed, but invalid, 'proofs' of Time.

∆ Impossibility of Physical paradoxes

∆ Professor Hawking's Mad Scientist Paradox - without Time.

∆ Tame Warped Space

∆ The Big Bang

∆ The House of Cards.

∆ Why Time is not a dimension.