∆ The Big Bang

(This section is repeated in its parent page - but duplicated here for easy reference)

The age of the universe is accurately known, so time must exist.

We can observe the distant stars and tell from their red-shifted light that they are nearly all receding from us, and each other. And this indeed shows that the entire universe is almost certainly ‘expanding’.

By observing the speeds at which stars are receding from each other, and by calculating how far from each other they are, we can calculate that all of the matter in the universe would have been in a single super dense location around ’13.7 billion years ago’.

These observations and calculations almost certainly prove, or at least suggest, the mindboggling fact that the universe exploded out of a single point of nothing long ago.

And ‘13.7 billion years’ seems to suggest not only that ‘years’ exist, but also that at least 13.7 billion of them exist or have existed.

However, a ‘year’ is just a term we give to the idea of the Earth making one complete orbit of the sun. But in fact, the Earth, ‘just constantly orbits the sun’.

And all the observations relating to the big bang prove is that ‘in a sense’ it happened, and if an Earth connected to an ‘orbit counter’ was orbiting a sun in a separate universe as ours unfolded the orbit counter would be displaying a big number.

But neither of these observations prove that a thing called time exists, and flows, and ‘has existed and flowed for 13.7 billion years’.

All the observations prove, is that matter exists, and moves, and interacts. And that some of that interaction can involve humans looking at stars in the present, and as a result picking up pads and pencils, in the present... and making calculations, in the present.

In this way, the very act of us humans looking at the evidence ‘now’, and using pencils or computers etc ‘now’ to say that ‘years have passed’ and therefore ‘time exists’ - proves to us, that by just seeing stuff that only proves things exist here and now – we can and do mislead ourselves into thinking and believing ‘other dimensions exist’.

The error here is we can confuse ‘using’ the word ‘years’ to describe an Earth orbit, as being proof that as well as the Earth just existing and moving, ‘years of invisible time also exist and pass’.

We compound this belief because we seem to be talking about so many billions of these ‘years’, that they really must exist, but this is almost as if the tailors making the ‘emperors new robe’ bypassed questions about the robe’s reality by claiming they had already made 13.7 billion of them... and that really is undeniably a huge number of robes!

 We may also use or confuse the mysterious and inexplicable way the space, energy and matter of universe may have been formed – with ‘kind of also proving’ or suggesting, that a ‘mysterious and inexplicable thing’ called time was, or may have been ‘made’ in the process.

i.e. how and why and what time is, is ‘bluffed’ into existence, and pretended to have been explained by the smoke screen of the big bang.