Brief History of Timelessness, Bibliography



Bibliography, recommend reading,lectures + podcasts, Audio books etc,  used in research for "A Brief History of Timelessness


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Time specific


A Brief History Of time

Stephen Hawking


A Briefer History Of time

Stephen Hawking


A Shortcut Through time

George Johnson


About time

Paul Davies


Arrow Of time, the

Peter Coveney + Roger Highfield


Birth Of time, the

John Gribben


History Of time, A Very short introduction,



How To Build A time Machine

Paul Davies


In Search Of The Edge Of time

John Gribben


Introducing time

Craig Callender + Ralph Edney


Masters Of time

John Boslough


On time

Michael Shallis


Relativity, An Intro To Space-time Physics

Steve Adams


Story Of time, the

Merrell Holberton


time A Travellers Guide

Clifford A Pickover


time and the space traveller

L Marder


time Space and Things

B K Ridley


time Travel In Einstein’s Universe

J Richard Gott


White Hole In time, the

Peter Russell




Relativity, Einstein specific


A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion

Hawking On Einstein



Michael White, John Gribben


Einstein For Dummies

Carlos I Calle


Einstein In 90 Minutes

John And Mary Gribben


Einstein’s Universe

Nigel Calder


Essential Einstein

Shana Priwer, Cynthia Philips


Introducing Einstein

Joseph Schwartz+Michael Mcguinness


On the Electrodynamics of Moving bodies.


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein


Relativity, The meaning of

Albert Einstein


World As I See It, the

Albert Einstein



David Bodanis


Why Does E=Mc2

Brian Cox And Jeff Forshaw


Introducing Relativity

Bruce Bassett + Ralph Edney




Black holes etc.


Black holes And Baby Universes

Stephen Hawking


Black holes The End Of The Universe?

John Taylor


Black holes, Quasars And Other Mysteries

Stan Gibilisco


White holes

John Gribben






Calculus Demystified



Calculus For Dummies

Mark Ryan


Demathtifying, Demystifying Mathematics

Ilan Samson


Drunkards Walk, The

Leonard Mlodinow



General science/cosmology.


Annotated Flatland, The

Abbot Stewart


Beauty Of Light, the

Ben Bova


Big Bang

Simon Singh


Cartoon Guide To Physics, the

Gonick + Huffman


Character Of Physical Law, The

Richard P Feynman


DNA For Beginners

Rosnfield And Ziff


Does God Play Dice

Ian Stewart


Electric Universe

David Bodanis


Elegant Universe, The

Brian Greene


Essential Elements

Matt Tweed


Essential Science, Quantum Physics

John Gribben


Euclid’s Window

Leonard Mlodinow


Explaining Chaos



Fabric Of The Cosmos, the

Brian Greene


Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Joao Magueijo


Feynman’s Lost Lecture

David L. Goodstein


  Feynman Lectures on Physics
 Richard Feynman


Final Theory, The

Mark McCutcheon


Flatland: A Romance Of Many Dimensions

Edwin Abbot Abbot



Ian Stuart


Four Laws That Drive The Universe

Peter Atkins


From Atoms To Amperes

F A Wilson


Galileo In 90 Minutes

John And Mary Gribben


Human Body

Dorling Kindersly


Human Mind Explained, the

Susan Greenfield


In Search Of Schrödinger’s Cat

John Gribben


Introducing Chaos

Ziaudiddin Sardar, Iwona Abarams


Introducing Ethics

Dave Robbinson, Chris Garratt


Introducing Fractal Geometry

Nigel Lesmoir, Will Rood, Aloh Edny


Introducing Mathematics

Ziauddin Sardar, Jey Ravetz, Borin Van Loon


Introducing Mind And Brain

Angus Gelatley, Oscar Zarate


Introducing Newton

William Rankin


Introducing Quantum Theory

J P Mcevoy And Ocar Zrat


Just Six Numbers

Martin Rees


Kinetic Theory

J M Pendlebury


Last Three Minutes, The

Paul Davies


Light Years

Brian Clegg



Dava Sobel


Matter And Motion

James Clerk Maxwell


Matter Myth, the

Paul Davies, John Gribben


Maxwell’s Equations And Their Applications

E G Thomas,A J Meadows


Meaning Of It All, the

Richard P Feynman


Microscopes And Microscopic Life

Peter Healey


Mindfulness In Plain English

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana


Modern Physics

Editor David Webber


Mr Tompkins explores the atom



Mr Tompkins in wonderland



Newton’s Clock, Chaos In The Solar System

Ivars Peterson


Newton’s Gift

David Berlinski


Newton's Clock

Ivars Peterson


Of Men And Galaxies

Fred Hoyle





Origin Of The Universe, the

John D Barrow


Parallel Worlds

Michio Kaku


Particle Physics, A Very Short Intro

Frank Close


Power Of Now

Eckhart Tolle



Richard P Feynman


Quantum Theory, A Very Short Intro



Quantum, A Guide For The Perplexed

Jim Al-Khalili


Road To Reality, the

Roger Penrose


Six Easy Pieces

Richard P Feynman


Six Not So Easy Pieces

Richard P Feynman


Some time With Feynman

Leonard Mlodinow


Stephen Hawking’s Universe

John Boslough


Strange Theory Of Light And Matter, the

Richard P Feynman


Tao Of Physics

Fritjof Capra


Thirteen Books Of The Elements




Audio books, lectures + podcasts.


The Feynman Lectures on Physics                                                            Richard P Feynman.


Vol 1. Ch 1-50     (in particular those on…) -Energy, Time, distance, gravitation, momentum, special relativity, space-time, electromagnetic radiation, mechanisms of seeing, quantum behaviour, thermodynamics, symmetry in physical laws, mechanics, radiation, and heat.


Vol2. Ch 1-42.    -Electromagnetism, calculus, electric fields, magnetic fields, induction, Maxwell’s equations, principle of least action, Lorentz transformations, field energy and momentum, electromagnetic mass, elasticity, curved space.


Vol3. Ch 1-21      -Quantum behaviour, wave and particle viewpoints, probability, semiconductors, angular momentum, Schrodinger equation.



Modern Theoretical Physics: Quantum Entanglement –October 2006

 Leonard Susskind Stanford


Berkley 2007 Quantum Lectures Physics137a                                       Raphael Bousso

Richard Muller Physics lectures                                                                  Berkley  2006-2007


Richard Pogge Astronomy 161-162                                                           Ohio State University                                    

(Quantum) Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery in Physics        Amir D. Aczel

The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives                                Leonard Mlodinow

Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information              Vlatko Vedral

Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion                                  Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin, Robert B. Cialdini

The power of now                                                                                           Eckhart tolle

Do They Think You're Stupid?: 100 Ways of Spotting Nonsense   Julian Baggini

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11 Thoughts on Time Specific books.

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