11 Does time exist ? book reviews.

I have read quite a few popular science books in research for Timelessness, and around 20 explicitly about time.

While I have without exception found all of them excellent, highly informative and well written, my views on the subject differ from most. So with the utmost respect for the authors, and in the name purely of the scientific method and scientific integrity, here are some of the problems I think I have found with some of these books.

I don't in any way mean to be disparaging in these remarks. I would love to meet and chat with all of these authors one day. And so I apologise to them all for the scribbles I have added to the margins of their works (if i had realised I was going to try and openly justify my comments I would have scribbled much more neatly), and I apologise for possibly cutting down certain arguments before they have started. But I think in the name of scientific honesty I have to say what seems to be true to me.

One of the biggest problems with 'Time' is that if we start an investigation 'assuming' that time exists, then much of what we see will seem to confirm our assumption. But, if we start an investigation assuming that only what we directly observe exists - i.e. 'matter, and motion', then we find that this too has been confirmed. And no extra call for a thing called Time arises.

In other words we often seem to confuse 'apparent confirmations' of Time, with being 'Proofs of Time'. And, with respect, I think it is this first step that may have been overlooked, or not fully analysed, in some of the following books.

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