∆ From Eternity to here. Sean Carroll.

Half my friends seem to think there's no point writing a 500 page book about Timelessness, because it's obvious time doesn't really exist, and no one really thinks does any more !

(the other half think its pointless writing the book because its obvious Time does exist).

Anyway, here's a very 'recent' 400 page publication, proving that the market for large Time books is very much alive. (Ironically, from a publisher who said they were reviewing 'A Brief History of Timelessness' and then disappeared.)

I have not read all of it yet, but it seems to explain some of the classic, and more esoteric  thinking about how things in the universe exist, move, and change, extremely well and in great detail - but from the point of view that time clearly exists - but is mysterious. 

I'm still not sold on the idea that we have proved time's existence, the 'arrow of time', the existence of the past...or the future...

The universe around us clearly changes and expands often in distinctly 'one directional' ways - the classic example being we may see a jug fall to the ground and smash, but we will almost certainly never see the broken pieces fly up unisisim to for a perfect vase. 

If 'the past', as in another record of events created extra to our own physical memories exist here and now - can be shown to exist in some 'real way' - then it makes sense to say time may exist and flow possibly from 'the future' - through the present into the past.

But if as things move and change (and get mixed up, or broken) they do not also constantly  'create' a 'temporal record' of there happening, then perhaps time does not exist, and things just move and change.

In doing this they may well move and change 'in one direction' (towards higher entropy) in a sense. but they could just be doing this 'now', and the entire universe could be heading unstoppably for a heat death 'now'. But none of these things prove that the past or the future or an extra 'fourth dimension' exist.

So in my opinion, "the arrow of time" is just the way we express entropy, if we assume that time exists, and flows, in one direction. but showing how , all the evidence existing around us now, proves universal entropy, is not the same as a proof that the past, future, and one way flow or passage of a thing called time, out side of 'now', also exists.

Causes, create effects, physically ahead of themselves, just a a pool cue hits a pool ball. Seeing it any other way gets confusing, as i write this now, am I adding to and laying down the past behind me, while also creating and changing the future ahead of me? - if so is the past making me do it ? or is it a result of me discovering the future ?

An easier view is that I am here, and releasing energy via my fingers, to press buttons in front of certain keys, to send pulses forwards through wires - where they will change what they change 'now'.

This is a good break down of generally accepted key aspects of 'time' as people see it. So if time is just a 'persistent illusion' and that  I want to prove timelessness then these need reinterpreting.

I see points 1 and 2 as relating to 'space-time intervals', or (durations) which I think can be explained comprehensively and more simply in terms of ;Space-Consequence Distances'.

I don't see time as the agent of change, i think that Energy is the only agent of change. (Time on its own apparently can never be seen, and doesn't do anything).

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