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There are a few other serious websites out there looking at the possibility of timelessness you may want to check out.

for example this site (and eBook) by Simon Morley, that meticulously analyses at our dictionary definitions around 'Time'.


Four Dimensional Spatial Relativity - Physics

Interesting Videos, on science and logic.


Shows how conclusions must be based on observation to be scientific.

Brilliantly shows Confirmation Biase origin and progression

2 4 8 16 Confirmation Bias Experiment run through

Interesting articles

 - that essentially,with respect to the aspects that are correct, I disagree with - because they often discuss what 'IS' time, without first proving that extra to 'just motion', time exists and 'is' something.

Very interesting book, but even at the start the question 'Why do we remember the past, but not the future?' is leading, in that it assumes 'the' past and 'the' future exist in some way. We can re-frame this question - ' why can we see inside our own heads but not round a corner?'  and things become much simpler!

very interesting, particular if looked at in timeless terms because it shows how information is not lost, or appearing from anywhere - but can be 'trapped' in the 'sin bin' of a black hole. And thus kind of 'out of the game' in places.

great animated site

I would disagree, this may be 'gravity's effect on the rate at which things change (now) confirmed'. i.e the article doesnt show the existence of a past, or a future, or the existence of a thing called time - that flows between them - or how this thing called time is afected by gravity.

'Time is what clocks measure' - 'clocks'  are motors, which measure if anything the release of energy from a spring or battery etc.