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(More timeless stuff >> ∆ Professor Hawking's Mad Scientist Paradox - without Time.)

Introduction and Reviews.

'A Brief History of Timelessness' is a manuscript that I have completed. Within it i hope to have explained logically and scientifically, how and why the theory, that Time exists, may completely unfounded right from our thoughts and feelings that there is "a past", because the idea just seems to make sense, through to how Relativity itself may contain valid facts about warped space, and dilated rates of change, but not "time".

I may of course be right, or wrong, but no-one I have spoken to so far has been able to find a critical error in the reasoning. If you do manage to find a critical error please add a comment to the site, or email me directly ( then I can get on with thinking about something else all day =). Many thanks.

'Timelessness' is probably not what you think it may be - i.e. it is not the 'opposite' of 'Time'.  

Instead it is just the possibility that perhaps there is only 'now'. This is not as far fetched as it may seem if you consider that all 'Timelessness' asks you to accept is that which we constantly observe around us. That is, that 'things' 'just' constantly exist, move, and interact.

As it stands the book is around 500 pages. So this website contains just a selection of samples from the book (some have just been cut and pasted, so please excuse any disjointed intros etc.). There are also other essays written for the site, or just in passing, that may or may not be included in the final draft. Along with this, and with respect, I am adding some thoughts on all the Time specific book i have read, and where i think our views differ.(Or to be direct, where I think I'm right because time doesn't exist).

While writing the book I concentrated mainly on at least capturing and outlining the key points I needed to make. Until I find a publisher there is no point refining these into any particular final style - so some of the samples featured in this page may not be particularly well polished, (and some still contain editing and change notes to myself) but these will be fixed as I get round to it, and the notes as they stand should still make the essence of any point clear.

This site it is aimed at raising the profile of the project, and allowing my reasoning to be fully tested, while I find a literary agent and publisher.

I  am serious and passionate about this work on a scientific level. So if you have any questions about 'Timelessness' that you think could stump me please feel free to email or blog.

I`ll try to answer all emails directly, and endeavour to add sections to this site to cover any missed areas your questions expose.

Matt Marsden.


 A Brief History of Timelessness REVIEWS.

of 1 people found the following review helpful    Five Stars   By Steve Crocker   Verified Purchase


3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Timelessness is a wholly new and exciting perspective that needs to be aired
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: A Brief History of Time-lessness (r2): "Does Time exist?", "What is Time?","Is Time-Travel possible?" - We examine how all these questions may unfounded, if everything is 'timeless'. (Kindle Edition)
If you want a conventional approach to the subject of Time, this book is not for you. The author tackles this fundamental paradox (what is time?) from a new angle - refreshing when so many books on the subject of Time tangle themselves in old knots - the explanation of Time cries out for fresh ideas (ask Lee Smolin, Sean Carroll et al).
As an ebook, maybe it needs a little polishing off at the edges, but that doesn’t diminish the author’s passion and extensive coverage in pursuit of the idea that Time is not real.
The usual ground - from spacetime, relativity and quantum mechanics to the illusion of memory and time travel and are all covered - but from a radical perspective. Instead of tackling these subjects in an attempt somehow to show what Time is (the conventional misadventure), the author tackles them from the stand point that Time doesn’t exists - can they all be explained without a temporal dimension? Timelessness is a wholly new and exciting perspective that needs to be aired.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant debunking of all those time paradoxes as time is just a measure of rate of change
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This review is from: A Brief History of Time-lessness (r2): "Does Time exist?", "What is Time?","Is Time-Travel possible?" - We examine how all these questions may unfounded, if everything is 'timeless'. (Kindle Edition)
Very convincing argument that time is just a measure of the rate of change sorts out the problems caused by viewing
time as another dimension.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A real treat for an open mind
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This review is from: A Brief History of Time-lessness (r2): "Does Time exist?", "What is Time?","Is Time-Travel possible?" - We examine how all these questions may unfounded, if everything is 'timeless'. (Kindle Edition)
I am really surprised to be the first reviewer of this book. There should already be hundreds with five stars.
For the open mind it is a real antidote to dubious claims dressed up as science of time travel supported by high profile celebrity physicists. My first message to potential readers is :

"Buy the book at this bargain price before it skyrockets !"

The reasons for this message is explained below.

My own study on "temporal coincidence" also known as simultaneity led me to the conclusion that there is no need to assume of existence of time as something independent of other things. The idea is not new as it dates back at least to Aristotle [350BC] and Lucretius [55BC]

Lucretius in his work De Rerum Natura wrote:
"...time exists not of itself; but sense reads out of things what happened long ago,what presses now, and what shall follow after:No man, we must admit, feels time itself, disjointed from motion and repose of things".

What Matthew Marsden did in his book, is that he added a new dimension to the explanations of reality of timelessness. From the basic intuition of reality and experimental evidence and theories from Galileo to Einstein he draws a clear picture of how the concept of time is flawed irrespective of many real successes of time based physical theories.
Vivid narration and well selected examples makes reading a pleasure and you do not have to be trained scientist to grasp the idea.
The book supports critical thinking and provide arguments against unfounded claims of time travel which become frighteningly common and powerful these days.

I came across Matthew's works by accident while continuing my study and I am very happy to recommend his book and his websites to everybody.
Andrew Wutke
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About the eBook and this website.

The book and website of course stem from the same source, the site does have some pages that you will find in the book, I.e parts of various sections,

The site
the site of course has many hyperlinks, and all the public speaking lecture videos, and the site is constantly evolving.

Especially now that more people are starting to understand and what is actually suggested by "Timelessness", the seriousness of the possibility, and how it incorporates Relativity etc. So there are plans to add a blog to the site also. The main point about the site is that It's all about the actual content and reasoning behind "A Brief History of Timelessness", and it is easily searchable, and I can add pictures and diagrams etc to it easily as more and more people are asking about specif areas on forums like QUORA.

The book
(you can see the table of contents of the book at the bottom of this page)

The main difference with the book is that the book systematically explains the initial source of thinking behind "timelessness", and how it is (IMO) a genuinely unique approach to "the problem of time".

And the book is a logical sequential explaination of each of the logical links in the chain of reasoning: going from simple observations (that things seem to exist, and be able to move and interact), step by step to why it seems to make sense that this may be all we need to explain all we observe, and thus how "the theory of time" may be unfounded, unproven and unnecessary, and therefore logically be shown to be  almost certainly entirely moot.

The above is very important because if I discuss timelessness in person or on forums people always want to pull the conversation in many directions at once. If you look at my posts and their replies you will see that people keep jumping from idea to idea, not checking facts, stating opinions as facts, using incomplete logic, and failing to ask and answer critical, sequentially related questions as they progress.

This means almost every undiciplined "conversation" on 'time' becomes inconclusive, illogical and incomplete... And this leads most people to a false illogical conclusions e.g...

"Because at the end of the conversation I was left with unanswered questions about how time may not exist... This means some of those questions must prove time exists"

The book enables people to follow the chain of logical reasoning, and shows the answers to (hopefully) all of the questions that pop up in people's heads as they start to understand the depth and reasoning behind this analysis of 'time' vs 'timelessness'.

The current Kindle release of the book does contain a few formatting errors etc (I can't help it, it's my blood group.... I'm a Type-O  :)

That's why it's available at I think the lowest price I can sensible put it at on amazon. At the moment it's not about finally getting a profit for all the unpaid work in the book :) , but just letting early adopters and eager minds access to it :)

The book took a tremendous amount of effort to produce. In "time" based terms (the idea and system of 'time' is useful, but that doesn't mean the phenomina exists) the book represents about 4 years of me solidly coming up with questions to try and break the insight at the heart of timelessness, and buying and reading every classic book on "time" to see if they had seen my core insights and been able to question them (none seem to have even seen the approach I take, which is why I think it may be a unique paradigm worth serious consideration).

Also, the book was a further 3 'years' to write, siting in noises coffee shops, listening to screaming kids, trying to explain, prove and disprove countless fascinating and interesting points in the most logical, clear and succinct way I could. (Often a couple of paragraphs would take 2 walks round the park and an entire afternoon in the coffee shop to write :)

The site is a general overview with regular updates etc, but the book is the systematic walk through of every issues that needs to be grasped so anyone can understand "timelessness" enough to legitimately decide if it may be valid or not. (Many people seem to constantly try to decide this without first understanding the whole thing.... Rather unfair :)

A Brief History of Timelessness -Kindle version, Table of contents...

(this is copied from the book, links will just take you back to this page)

1.       Prologue; Timeless discussions on Time. 6

2.       Does Time ‘obviously’ exist...or not?. 13

3.       Do you believe that ‘Time’ exists?. 28

4.       Rhetoric, tick, tick, and semantic(k) tocks. 38

5.       A brief history of the notion of time. 52

6.       The difference between ‘Time’ and ‘change’. 76

7.       Persistent illusions, an introduction to light and vision. 89

8.       Key Distinctions about the nature of persistent illusions. 123

9.       From the illusion of Vision to the illusion of Time. 136

10.         The temporal past. 139

11.         Personal human memories. 159

12.         How memories are formed without time. 172

13.         Wait for the present, do things ‘take’ Time to move?. 176

14.         Is the present moment ‘infinitely thin’?. 191

15.         The future, there is more to Time than just expressing speeds. 200

16.         PART 2 – The story so far. 225

17.         What were the distinctions that Einstein saw?. 229

18.         Einstein’s Relativity doesn’t prove that time exists! 259

19.         Hermann Minkowski’s ‘space time’ does not prove ‘time’. 263

20.         The importance of being Energy. 265

21.         Consequences in detail, how can they exist without time?. 284

22.         Why we can't undo the ‘past’. 300

23.         Order, order! Does a ‘temporal order’ actually exist?. 304

24.         Are we ‘travelling through time at the speed of light’?. 322

25.         Sorry but there’s, No fourth dimension. 334

26.         ‘Aspects’ are not ‘hidden dimensions’. 342

27.         ‘Timeless-travel’; getting rid of ‘Causality problems’. 351

28.         How ‘long’ does it take a bullet to strike a match?. 358

29.         The speed of consequences…A tale of two planets. 362

30.         The origin of ‘three’ and ‘four’ dimensions. 384

31.         The Big Bang. 389

32.         Part 3,- Common facts that are often misunderstood as in some way proving that time exists. 395

33.         What we really mean when we use time in equations. 412

34.         The speed of light replacing the clock. 424

35.         Persistence of vision, things ‘needing time’ to move. 433

36.         Special relativity, Time, and the light ‘clock’. 438

37.         Light clocks, fish and a Hall of two mirrors. 446

38.         ‘Space-time intervals’ vs. ‘space–consequence’ distances. 460

39.         Relativity and warped space. 463

40.         Black-hole communications, 471

41.         Experimenting with tame ‘Warped Space’. 487

42.         Bubble hoop Space. 497

43.         Quantum mechanics. 500

44.         Timelessness, Relativity quantum mechanics and string theory - a combined summary. 507

45.         A brief history of timelessness, conclusion. 511

46.         Index of Figures. 520


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