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It seems to me that everything we attribute to 'TIME' can in fact be explained fully in terms of matter (i.e. things ), just existing, moving, changing and interacting 'now' - so to speak. The key word here is 'just', because I am suggesting that the concept or notion of Time can be seen to be absolutely unfounded, if we watch out for a few of our own hidden biases, and start by asking, and scientifically pursuing, the right questions.

these questions not being...

Does Time exist? or, What is Time?

- which may be subtly biased and leading, But instead we ask,

What do we directly constantly observe? and, Is this enough to explain all that we attribute to the existence of a thing called Time?

I hope you enjoy the videos, please look around the rest of the site, and get the KINDLE version of 'A Brief history of Timelessness' if you are intrigued.
Happy to answer any and all questions 'on Time', just email.

Matt Welcome, London. (mattmars@blueyonder.co.uk)

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(Power-Point with voice over)

(Power-Point with voice over)

TIMELESSNESS LIVE TALK, "Downstairs at the Kings Head"
Live talk, probably the best for a good overall presentation of the concepts presented in Timelessness.


Brief History of Time lessness, Ed Surname - Matt welcome, Radio interview

A slightly more lively talk a the Royal Observatory Summer Ball

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