∆ "Now"

Definition 'now' as used in this site.

If we start with the assumption that Time, the past, and the future, exist, then we define "Now" as being the "moment" that is sandwiched between the past and the future.

Timelessness is suggesting that all we observe is that matter can exist, move, change, interact and so on. 

And therefore there is no solid evidence to suggest that 'the past' exists.


As things move and interact, we can say 'things are happening'. We can also say that therefore 'things have happened'. But this does not prove the existence of 'the past'.

ie as things happen, there is no reason to to assume or evidence to show that 'events' are recorded in any way, by any mechanism , in a thing, or feature of the universe we might call 'the past'.

as things interact around and within us, the contents of our minds can also change, leaving an internal wake or trail within our minds that we may call 'memories'.

But these 'memories' only prove that matter can exist move change and interact, and not that 'another' record of 'the past' is created in any way other than in the matter 'here now' - within our brains, or in any matter outside of us.


As matter moves and changes etc it may do so in orderly, or chaotic ways. We may call these ways 'predictable' or 'unpredictable' - and we may claim this indicates something of the nature of 'the future'.

but all that is observed is that things can move and change in orderly and chaotic ways.

Therefore although the word is used in this work, 'Now' is essentially unnecessary and misleading, because there is nothing other than 'now'.