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A Brief History of Timelessness, Live Talk 1 ( Two versions filmed )

TIME TALK  RE-EDITS better quality, faster loading, less segments.
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These videos were made of my first ever run of talks, and I have posted 2 of the shows on line.

The July 19th recording follows.

(Note this talk was filmed on a lower resolution camera).

The July 25th recording follows (with notes and fast links for some sections)
A faster and more compact talk, but therefore not as detailed in some areas.

Distractions around Time, What do clocks measure?, So what really is Time?

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The first of a series of talks on my project proving 'Timelessness'.
Explaining how, logically, we have no reason to even suspect that there is anything other than things just existing, moving, changing and interacting 'now' within and around us. In other words, how the idea of Time is useful, but 'Time's real existence can be seen to be completely unfounded, and thus the world is Timeless.

Click above to see 'Stephen Hawking's Universe Mad Scientist Paradox' as mentioned in this video,

There is no point contesting the existence of Time unless we have a clear definition of what is said to exist and why.
this section gives the generally accepted nature and properties Time is said to have, and which are thus said to show Time is a real and existing thing with clear and distinct features. 

(all of which I have to be able to reexplain Timelessly if my view is correct).

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Many people seem to think 'its obvious that Time does not exist'.
But in general the professional view of Time seems to be that Time really exists, flows and has a direction or arrow, and may be manipulated or even traveled or communicated through. - All of which I contest in these talks, and this site etc.

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Timeless memories , 

There are a number of subtle ways in which we can unknowingly and out of pure habit avoid seeing certain things. 

Because we use the concept of Time so much, and because the notion works so well, we need to be consciously aware of these mind traps if we are to avoid them. This section exposes the kind of things to watch out for.

If there are 'semantic' or 'rhetorical' errors in the discussion of Time v Timelessness, they may lie in the habitual use and acceptance of words like 'past' and 'future' as if they 'just' relate to real things - without any actual proof ever being presented. And not in the/my claim that these are just useful 'notions'. 

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Motion just in 'the present'.

Do things actually 'Take' Time to move, or do they just move?
In this section we consider motion in the present.

While we say things 'take time' to move, or that time at least 'passes' as things move, what do we actually observe?
Does 'saying' a car travels at 100 miles per hour prove that hours exist and so Time must exist and pass?
Or are we just comparing the speed of two things 'just moving' now?e

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Do we really see 'the future' constantly 'arrive'? Or just movement 'now'?
This section considers what clocks and watches actually measure, whether we see 'the future arriving', 
or whether we just see things moving 'now' in orderly or chaotic ways, which we confuse with the ideas of 'predictable' and unpredictable'.

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Does time have a direction or 'Arrow'? Or do things just change in certain ways 'now'?
This section discusses how if you 'assume' there is a background of 'Time' to the universe this will seem to be correct. 
But if you look carefully you can see that none of what we observe shows or proves that 'events' flow from a future - through the present - and into a past.

so we are left at best, with the idea that if time exists then it is only in the present.
This looks complicated unless you drop the assumption that time exists unless proven otherwise, and just ask ' what if things just exist, move, and change in certain ways 'now'.
The principle of Occam's razor suggests the simplest answer that satisfies all observations may well be the correct one.

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Timelessness Matt Welcome Talk 1 P2 4 end from t3 (Lower quality - this section was recorded on a different camera)
NOTE - A better version of this section to be added 'later' so to speak =)

Events seem to happen in a temporal order, But are we just comparing 'memories' which are 'just here now'?
We think the fact that our memories and even films and recordings of events correlate perfectly is proof that there is a temporal order to the universe. 
Indeed this is one of the first reasons Einstein gives in 'Relativity' to suggest the existence of Time.

But if you look carefully you can see that in fact all our physical evidence - no matter how well it correlates - only proves that stuff is here now, and that it can change ... here now.
In other words - none of this evidence proves that there is in any real way a 'past' that is created or stored anywhere in the universe. And if the past doesn't exist what is left of time ?

was 2.5- Do astronauts travelling at high speed travel through Time? or just change more slowly?
This sections continues the discussion on whether a 'temporal order' can really be said to exist - if there is no actual reason or proof that a 'temporal record of events' actually is created anywhere.

then we look at how Einstein's special relativity may in fact just show that things change more slowly 'now' when travelling at high speed - which is fundamentally different to saying that 'time# exists, and that its passage from the future to the a past is slowed.

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END OF FIRST TALK. MW. - any questions ?