08 Special Relativity.

Nothing in the concept that the world is Timeless contradicts the essence of Relativity (special or general). 

While books on relativity mention time, and space-time throughout, none of the works i have read on relativity, including 'Relativity' and 'The meaning of Relativity' by Einstein (English translations) explicitly prove the existence of the past or the future. 

They all seem to just start with the premise that 'Time' probably exists, because there seems to be a 'temporal order' to 'events', and then build on that. 

All I am suggesting is that it make perfect, and simple sense to consider that all the relativistic effects discussed simply take place, somewhere, 'now'. And   not 'over time'. Thus 'space-time' really just describes the intimate relation between (warped) space - mass, gravity, and 'motion' 

The following pages focus on Relativity, and how it might make sense timelessly,

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